What exactly is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented unpasteurised drink made from sweetened tea, packed full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, amino acids and live yeasts and bacterias. These coexist in a symbiotic colony called a SCOBY, producing a naturally carbonated brew which combines sweet & sour in one refreshing mouthful. The mystical elixir has been used and honoured for more than 2000 years in the Eastern world and has been called 'Immortality tea', 'Miracle tea' & 'The Elixir of long life' amongst other things, suggestive of its curative & energising nature. Believed to have originated in East Asia and subsequently travelling to Russia via the silk route, kombucha was also reportedly used by the Japanese Samurai warriors before battle- they believed it to be a source of Chi energy, the revitalising life force. Our ancestors understood the value of ingesting fermented food & drinks on a daily basis, allowing the fermentation process to unlock nutrients & deliver food in a more bio-available form. Today, as people seek healthier lifestyles, kombucha is exploding in popularity and is one of 2016's hottest trends- the global kombucha market is estimated to grow by 25% every year until 2020, when it is estimated to exceed $1.8bn worldwide. Read our handy kombucha FAQs blog post for more history, facts and interesting nuggets!

Our Story

Leading the Kombucha revolution here in the UK, Flower of Life's Equinox Kombucha is a small artisan brewery with a big heart based in the valleys of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. Our company was founded in 2012 by a group of socially-conscious friends who discovered the miraculous tea whilst backpacking around Asia. When the founders of Equinox returned, they were inspired to start brewing their own kombucha at home. From these humble beginnings, we began selling our product at local farmers' markets, and have grown rapidly to become the UK market leaders. 

Our unpasteurised, organic kombucha is made with a secret recipe and loads of love. A sustainable, wellbeing-boosting alternative to artificial soft drinks, Equinox kombucha is made from organic green Chun Mee tea and fair trade organic raw cane sugar, fermented with live bacteria and yeasts.

It comes in four funky flavours* with competitive wholesale prices, a 12 month shelf life, and a uniquely delicious taste. What’s more, our brand doesn’t require refrigerated transportation: yet another reason why Equinox is way ahead of its competitors! 

Our kombucha is now distributed to over 500 health food stores, cafes and bars across Britain, including Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Nutricentre. Equinox is raw, lightly carbonated and unpasteurised and has a 12-month shelf life. It doesn’t require refrigerated transportation, which is why it’s also flying off the shelves in seven other countries across Northern Europe and Scandinavia!

* Original, Wild Berry, Ginger and Raspberry & Elderflower

Our Ethics

We are passionate about the little wonder that is Kombucha and truly believe in its infinite potential to improve people’s well-being. Because we care about our planet and its people, we always choose ethically sourced ingredients, Fair Trade wherever possible, and always certified Organic. We brew our Kombucha Tea with the finest Organic Fairtrade Chun Mee green tea, a Chinese leaf very popular in its country of origin for its strong and tangy taste, along with Organic raw cane sugar (also Rainforest Alliance certified and EcoSocial certified) and a selection of good quality Organic herbal teas as well as Organic pure pressed Ginger juice. The Flower of Life Ltd is all about giving back – we're pledging 50% of our future profits to local and global humanitarian and conservation projects. We'd like as many people as possible to enjoy kombucha's many benefits and help us save the planet, one Equinox Kombucha at a time!