Equinox Kombucha offers a fresh, new way of enjoying the numerous benefits of Kombucha Tea. To cater for every taste, we have created a range of 4 delicious flavours, each overflowing with a light, crisp elegance and a wild sparkle. Perfect with a good meal, after an intense work out, or simply when the time is right, Equinox Kombucha is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular sugar and caffeine based drinks. It is brewed & blended with passion, and your body will love it!



Introducing the Four Elements:



Grounded. Centered. Oneness.

The finest Chun Mee tea brewed in the ancient technique combined with the Kombucha culture gives you the solid beverage that lasted thousands of years from the days of the Samurai. Feel the difference!

Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Raw Cane sugar, Organic Fair Trade Chun-Mee green tea, Organic Kombucha Culture.


Power. Strength. Mission.


The fire of the exotic root will fulfill your wildest ginger cravings and power your day.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Raw Cane sugar, Organic Fair Trade Chun-Mee green tea, Organic pure pressed ginger juice, Organic Kombucha Culture.

Astral. Adventure. Awakening.

Wild Berry

The explosion of fresh fruits of the magical forests and the Kombucha’s singular taste are perfect allies in this invigorating blend that will take you away. Kids love it!

Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Raw Cane sugar, Organic Fair Trade Chun-Mee green tea, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Rosehip, Organic Nettle, Organic Pineapple, Organic Bilberry, Organic Kombucha Culture.


Fluidity. Purity. Spirit.

Raspberry and Elderflower

The mild raspberry taste with a crisp hint of elderflower will leave you floating away.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Raw Cane sugar, Organic Fair Trade Chun-Mee green tea, Organic Raspberry leaf, Organic Elderlower, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehip, Organic Nettle, Organic Kombucha Culture

(N.B. although the second ingredient is sugar, most of it is digested by the Kombucha culture during the fermentation process )

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You spoke, we listened: All your survey comments answered in full!

June 24, 2016

Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in our questionnaire, and well done to the lucky folks who won tickets to the Taste of London event last week!  Many of you got in touch to tell us that our kombucha has helped with various ailments: from digestion to diabetes, IBS to Crohns, and we were thrilled to hear that so many of you credited our kombucha with better health and increased energy levels. We are so happy to hear your stories, although it's very important to note that we don't make any health claims about kombucha ourselves. Saying that, our regular blog posts reporting what scientists are saying about the importance of probiotics and fermented food in fighting a wide...

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Scientists say probiotics and green tea could help to lower cancer risk

June 13, 2016

One in three of us will suffer from cancer in our lifetimes, and despite the basic advice: (eat less meat, get your five-a-day, don't smoke, etc), there's really nothing we can do to eliminate the risk entirely. Or is there?  An article in the Telegraph caught our eye recently when it listed fermented probiotic food and drinks as a scientifically proven way to avoid the disease. In a fascinating feature called 'Eight proven ways to prevent cancer', author Anna Magee writes: "It has been long known that cancers are caused by a combination of our genes, diet and lifestyle. However, as we gradually understand more about epigenetics - the way our genes are switched on and off by factors in our environment – the more we will discover...

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Delicious kombucha cocktail ideas to celebrate our bar @ Taste of London!

June 13, 2016

Equinox Kombucha is hosting an alcoholic kombucha cocktail bar at this year’s Taste of London event, June 15-19 in Regent's Park. Classic cocktails will be re-invented and mixed with one Equinox’s four funky flavours for a brand new taste sensation. To celebrate these exciting times, we're sharing our original and delicious recipes with all you lucky readers!  There will be five kick-ass cocktails on the menu, and we invite kombucha fans and first-timers to stand L1 during the event to sample them. If you can get there, don't miss out! If you can't, why not try making them at home?  Kombucha Libre Equinox kombucha (ginger), Papagayo spiced rum and fresh lime, served on ice. Kombucha Chilli Cooler Equinox kombucha (original), Arbikie chilli...

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Equinox kombucha featured in fermented food and drink article!

May 13, 2016

Thanks to Elizabeth at Food Ingredients First for her great feature highlighting the incredible rise of fermented food and drinks, which Equinox was delighted to be mentioned in. 'The health benefits of fermented foods are being reported on increasingly, with western consumers widely opening up to new concepts. Consumption of fermented foods can be traced back thousands of years, if not longer, but it seems in 2016, buoyed by new product developments and consumers’ heightened awareness of the negative perceptions of processed foods, fermented foods are to establish themselves as a major food trend.' You can read the full article here.

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